Dr. Stefan Pannen CEO

CEO berlin producers, heidefilm, neue artfilm, sounding images
Dr. Stefan Pannen

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Stefan Pannen studied in Munich and attended the German School of Journalism there. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, he helped build East German Broadcasting Brandenburg and made films as a freelance journalist and author for public and private television stations. In 1995 he founded his first production company. He is the director and author of over 100 documentaries and executive producer of more than 800 television films.

Since 2001 he has been producing the series “Zu Tisch” for arte, which is still in the program today. He developed numerous new materials in the fields of science, discovery and contemporary history. In 2009 he realized the film “Where is the wall?” as director and producer, which was sold in over 20 countries worldwide. He produced the documentary “Kinshasa Symphony”, which was nominated for the Grimme Award and the German film award LOLA and “#myescape” which won the Prix Europe for Best European Documentary in 2016.

Stefan mainly takes care of material development and marketing. He regularly visits major markets and trade shows in Europe and overseas.

He is a member of the German Film Academy and the European Film Academy as well as in the Alliance of German Producers.

As a founding member of the association DocImpact, Stefan is committed to distributing documentaries with developmental content in emerging markets.


Films as a Producer (Selection)

Douglas Sirk – Master of melodrama (52/78 min., ZDF/arte, SRG)
War of propaganda (90 min., WDR/ARTE, DW, HR)
Inside the labyrinth (52 min., BR/arte)
Mo and the others (6 x 30 min.; ZDF/3SAT)
Cook ´n live …  (13 x 26 min., ZDF/arte)

Adopted (3 x 25 min., WDR)
A polish nurse for grandma (43 min., SWR)
Witches, druids, new pagans (43 min., MDR/RBB)
Humboldt-Forum – A castle for Berlin and the world (43 / 52 min., RBB/arte)
The general and the electrician (43 min., WDR/ARTE)
Project BionTech (52 min., ZDF/ARTE, SRG)
„Cook ´n live … „ (13 x 26 min., ZDF/arte)

Baseball bat years (6 x 15 min. RBB / ZEIT online)
My corona Diary ( 5 x 15 / 90 min., RBB / ARTE / DW)
I had them all (Podcast, 5 x 12 min., DW)
Villages of the Alps ( 5 x 43 / 52 min., SWR/ARTE)
How Covid is dividing us (43 min., MDR/RBB)
Oil Promises (90 min., DW)
„Cook ´n live … „ (13 x 26 min., ZDF/arte)

“Bridges” (10×26 min./ 5×52 min./90 min.; arte GEIE, Co-Production with Freak TV, Edinburgh; Agent double, Bruxelles; LIC, Bejing)
“The Shah and the Ayatollah” (52 min., WDR/arte)
“Generation Greta” (43 min., ZDF/arte)
“Really psycho!” (5 x 26 min., RBB/arte)
“The rolling helpers of organ transplant” (30 min., SWR)
“My church, my family” (43 min., WDR)
„Cook ´n live … „ (12 x 26 min., ZDF/arte)
Plan B” (6 x 26 min. ZDF)

“The Marxists” (52 min., WDR/arte, SWR)
“Max von Baden – The last chancellor” (52 min., SWR)
“Garibaldi” (52 min., ZDF/arte, ORF, RAI 3 Alto Adige, Co-Production with pre TV, Vienna, funded by RTR Austria and IDM Alto Adige)
“The peacekeepers – How the 30 year war ended” (2×52 min. / 90 min., WDR/arte, Co-Production with Synergia Film, Prague and Agent double, Bruxelles; funded by Nordmedia)
“The Treasure: The Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz” (90 min. RBB/arte, Deutsche Welle, funded by DFFF)
“Now it´s my turn!” (43 min., SWR)
„Cook ´n live … (12 x 26 min., ZDF/arte)
Plan B” (3 x 26 min. ZDF)

“#my escape” (90 min.; DW/WDR, Prix Europe as Best European Documentary 2017)
Marksmens Festival” (90 min., WDR)
“The last Tsarinas” (52 min.; MDR/arte, funded by MFG)
“The diplomat: Frank Walter Steinmeier” (43 min, RBB/ARD)
“Andreas Hofer” (52 min., ZDF/arte, ORF, RAI3 Alto Adige; Co-Production with pre TV, Vienna, funded by RTR Austria and IDM Alto Adige)
„Cook ´n live … „ (12 x 26 min., ZDF/arte)

“The mystery of mountain herbs” (5×43 min., Servus TV, LIC China)
“Cuisine royale” (4×26 min., ZDF/arte)
“Fakt checker” (10×25 min., RTL)
Who takes care for Ma and Pa?” (43 min., SWR)
„Cook ´n live … „ (12 x 26 min., ZDF/arte)

“Vita activa: Hannah Arendt” (90 min., WDR/arte, co-production with A&U Films, Israel and Intuitive Pictures, Canada)
“German Dynasties: Villeroy & Boch” (43 min., WDR / ARD)
“Save our animals!”  (43 min., SWR)
“Building up a Castle, part II” (43 min., RBB)
„Cook ´n live … „ (12 x 26 min., ZDF/arte)
“Cuisine royale” (4×26 min., ZDF/arte)
“Handmade” (5×30 min., RBB/arte)
Loop” (10×30 min.) // “Zipp” (10×15 min.) (AZ Media / RTL)

“Worldwide Berlin” (Crossmedia-Platform and 3hour theme evening, RBB, Deutsch Welle, funded by MBB; supported by Goethe-Institut)
Carnival!” (90 min., WDR, funded by Filmstiftung NRW, FFA and DFFF)
„Cook ´n live … „ (12 x 26 min., ZDF/arte)
“Cuisine royale” (2x26min., ZDF/arte)
“Country Dreams” (13×26 min., ZDF/arte, ZDF)
“Save our seeds” (43 min., SWR)
“Germans artists: Karl Lagerfeld” (43 min., SWR / ARD)
“Hot roads II” (5×43 min., LIC China, Servus TV; coproduction with Autentic)
Loop” (10×30 min.) // “Zipp” (10×15 min.) (AZ Media / RTL) 

„Conquest of the world. Secret Missions: Ferdinand Magellan und Sir Francis Drake“  (2×52 min., ZDF/arte, Co-Producion with Filmtank Berlin/Hamburg, funded by MEDIA+, Nordmedia, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein)
Who owns Berlin?” (90 min., ARD, Redaktion: SWR, NDR, RBB)
„Cook ´n live … „ (12 x 26 min., ZDF/arte)
Silver Workers” (30min., SWR)
Loop” (10×30 min.) // “Zipp” (10×15 min.) (AZ Media / RTL)

„Cook ´n live … „ (12 x 26 min., ZDF/arte)
“Country Dreams” (13×26 min., ZDF/arte, Servus TV)
“Our dirty water” (70 / 52 / 30 min., ZDF/arte, ZDF)
“Building up a Castle” (43 min., RBB)

„Cook ´n live … „ (12 x 26 min., ZDF/arte)
“Country Dreams” (13×26 min., ZDF/arte, Servus TV)
“When parents get old …” (43 min., ARD)
“By the sea” (5×43 min., SWR/WDR/ARTE)
„No Meat“ (Theme Evening: 60 + 43 min., NDR/arte)

„Cook ´n live „ (12 x 26 min., ZDF/arte)
„Country Dreams“ (5 x 43 min., ZDF/arte, Servus TV)
„My life: Ruth Dajan“ (43 min., ZDF/arte)
“Hot roads” (5×43 min., ZDF/arte, Servus TV)
Murray Perahia“ (52 min., RBB/arte, Co-Produktion with DOKFilm)
„Kinshasa Symphony“ (90 min., WDR/RBB, funded by MBB, MEDIA+, DFF, FFA)
„Old and dumb?“ (2×42 min., NDR/SWR)
„Airport ready for landing“ (6×30 min., RBB, 2010-2012)
Nightmare in dreamland“ (43 min., WDR)
„Oil in Ghana“ (2010- 2016; 52 min., funded by MEDIA+,)

„Cook ´n live „ (12 x 26 min., ZDF/arte)
“Dial D for Discovery” (4×43 min, ZDF/arte)
„North Sea Coast“ (5×43 min., Radio Bremen/arte)
„Pankow Garden Plotters“ (!0x48 min., RBB/arte)
„Where is the wall?“ (87 min., ZDF/arte, MDR, RBB, WDR, ETB, Télé Québec, TV3, YLE)
„Living on 8mm“ (43 min., MDR)

„Cook ´n live „ (12 x 26 min., ZDF/arte)
„Life on the river“ (5×43 min., ZDF/arte)
„Pankow Garden Plotters“ (2×43 min., RBB / ARD)
„Part time workers – the new poor“ (60 min., MDR/arte)
„Love on 8 mm“ (70 min., MDR/arte)
„Christmas on 8mm“ (43 min., MDR)
„See mountains- Hidden secrets“ (43 min., Radio Bremen/arte)
„Islands: Sardegna“ (43 min., SWR/arte)
„My life: Gloria von Thurn und Taxis“ (52 min., ZDF/arte)

„Cook ´n live „ (10 x 26 min., ZDF/ arte)
„Uprise in the arctic sea“ (3 x 43 min., WDR/ RBB / arte)
„Welcome to Europe“ (90 min., ZDF/arte, Journalism Award of the European Parlament)
„Let´s keep it organic(52 min., ZDF/arte)
„Cleaning the sun deck“ (30 min., ZDF)
„Land without doctors“ (30 min., NDR)

„Cook ´n live“ (10 x 26 min., arte/ZDF)
„The shop.“ (10 x 26 min., arte/ZDF)
„The 4th Cataract“ (43 min., arte/ZDF)
„Argan Oil“ (43 min., arte/ZDF)
„37 Degrees: Dyscalulia –   I´m not dumb!“ (28 min., ZDF)
„Shoes for the soul“ (43 min., NDR)
„Child adoption“ (43 min., NDR)

„Cook ´n live“ (10 x 26 min., arte/ZDF)
„School Stories“ (6 x 26 min., arte/ZDF)
„Tsunami-Warners“ (43 min., arte/RBB)

„Cook ´n live“ (10 x 26 min., arte/ZDF)
„School Stories“ (6 x 26 min., arte/ZDF)
„Splendour of the earth“ (3 x 42 min., arte/ RBB)

„Cook ´n live“ (10 x à 26 min., arte/ZDF)
„School Stories“ (10 x 26 min., arte/ZDF)
„Job report – The first man on the building site“ (38 min.; Kabel 1)

„Cook ´n live…“  (12 x 26 min., arte/ZDF)
„Bath paradises“ (4 x 42 min., arte / ZDF)

„Cook ´n live“ (13 x 29 min., arte/ZDF)
„The best garlic under the sun (45 min., arte/ZDF)
„Beloved gangsters“ (Dokumentation für einen Themenabend, 72 min., arte/ZDF)
„When cranes travel“ (38 min.; Kabel 1)

„Mein Country, my love – European writers and her home“ (5×43 min., arte/ZDF)

„n-tv classic“ (30×30 min., n-tv)

„ntv books“  (20×30 min., n-tv)

„Classic Clips“ (6x 30 min., ORB)