Hai-Hsin Lu

Isabel Hahn Editorial Trainee


+49 (0)30 44 03 169 – 25

Hai-Hsin Lu grew up in Dortmund, Taipei and Vienna and has now been a Berliner by choice for more than ten years. She studied cultural studies and media studies in Berlin and London, worked part-time as a translator at the German press agency and as an editor for the Young Migrants blog. After an editorial traineeship at Berlin Producers, she has been enthusiastically realizing films as an author since 2021 and is gaining her first experience as a junior producer. Hai-Hsin is a native speaker of German and Chinese.

  • Generation Greta (2021) – Junior Producerin3SAT 43 min
  • Der Traum von 5% (2021) – Co-AutorinARD/ZDF, 90min
  • Tod in der Ostsee (2021) – Junior ProducerinARD/MDR 4 x 26 min
  • Psycho: Ich, nachgiebig (2022) – Autorin ARTE/RBB, 26 min
  • Psycho: Ich, getrennt (2022) – Autorin ARTE/RBB, 26 min
  • SALTED. Der YouTube-Klassik-Kanal (2022)– Pilot-Entwicklung
  • Mit „Moby-Dick“ durch Amerika (2023) – Autorin
    ZDF/ARTE, 52 min