Decarbonize - Can We Cool the Planet?

Our planet is getting warmer – that’s clear. How can we cool it down?  All over the world, research is being carried out into different ways of  climate-damaging carbon dioxide. The film presents  eight methods and has them assessed by three leading minds in climate research.


At Our Neighbour´s Table

This series invites the viewer on a journey of discovery for all the senses: By looking into the kitchens of local families, we immerse ourselves into the different cultures of Europe.

plan b

“plan b” is the documentary series on ZDF that aims to show stories of success and reports on what possible solutions and alternatives exist for social problems

Documentaries for cinema, TV and the web

Since 1995, Berlin Producers (formerly Fernsehbuero GmbH) has produced over 700 multi award-winning documentaries for TV, cinema and the web.

We believe in the power of the documentary.

And we believe:

1. In real life

Nothing is more powerful than reality. We believe that true life – in all its facets – provides the strongest stories that are worth telling.

2. In exhaustive research

Good storytelling and in-depth research are the foundations for strong documentaries. Above all, it’s attention to detail that gives weight to a story.

3. In strong protagonists

Our films would be nothing without their protagonists. We look for and immerse ourselves in far-flung places, as well as in seemingly everyday situations. Our protagonists inspire through their unique life stories and personal insights on things big and small.

4. In visually powerful narrative styles

We think that every story deserves a distinctive visual language. We look for extraordinary perspectives and sensual images for our stories: from the air, on land and under water; in wide panoramas and macro shots; with moving camera and moments of rest that allow you to catch your breath.

5. In passion

We invest great passion in our films. And we want our audiences to feel this passion. That’s why we go where others cannot and immerse ourselves in situations where others would only skim the surface. Throughout, we have the courage to venture down unusual paths.

6. In our audience

We take our audience seriously, because we know that they are savvy and inquisitive. We want to reach them wherever they are – in the cinema, on the sofa or on the move and online.

7. In international perspectives

The language of the moving image is universal. We believe in international co-productions that help us to increase the quality of every single one of our film productions.

Film is a universal language. We believe in international co-productions that help us to increase the production value of our films.

8. In the future

We are always looking for new ways of creating the documentary storytelling of tomorrow. The thread running through everything that we do is strong stories that stand the test of time.

Founding year

Documentary Films


Our award-winning films

Our films regularly compete in major international documentary film festivals and have received numerous awards. Here is a short selection.

Beethoven’s Ninth: Symphony for the World

(Christian Berger, 90 min., Deutsche Welle, ZDF/ARTE, 2019)

2020 Deutscher Kamerapreis, Category Montage (Documentary)


(Elke Sasse, 90 min., WDR/DW 2016)

2016 Prix Europa, Best Documentary on TV in Europe

Hannah Arendt – The obligation to disobey

(Ada Ushpiz / Holger Preuße; WDR/ARTE 2017, 90min)

2017 Grimme Preis, nomination

International co-productions

Many of our films are international co-productions. We produce documentaries and historical films together with partners from all over the world, including Canada, Austria, Italy, Belgium, and the Czech Republic. In 2017/18, these were: ‘Champions versus legends’ as well as the historical films ‘Andreas Hofer’, ‘Guiseppe Garibaldi’ and ‘1648 – The Long Road to Peace. How the Thirty Years War was ended’


Series, formats and new media

Berlin Producers produces hugely successful and long-running serial formats that have been the recipient of numerous awards.

Compelling documentary series

In the meantime, we have produced more than 300 episodes of the series ‘Zu Tisch’. The format has been a guarantee of high ratings in the Arte schedules for nearly 20 years.

Also for Arte, we produced the series ‘Landträume‘, ‘Schulgeschichten’, ‘Hotroads’, ‘Inseln der Queen‘ and ‘Bei Anruf Entdeckung‘ for a variety of broadcasting slots.

For five years, we produced the science & knowledge format ‘Faktenchecker’ in co-production with the companies Taglicht Media in Cologne as well as ECO Media in Hamburg.

"Zu Tisch"
on my phone

Digital formats

We were present at ‘re:publica 2018’ with our own project ‘Digital Africa’.

The multi award-winning documentary ‘#MyEscape‘ is based on ‘user-generated content’ captured on the smartphones of refugees on their long journeys to Europe. This type of user-generated content also played a central role in the follow-up project ‘The war on my phone’. The film tells the tale of refugees who are unable to truly settle in Germany and who stay in touch with their homelands via smartphone. It is a life between worlds.


In 2018, together with the Cologne-based company Taglicht Media, we founded YELLOW TABLE MEDIA in Leipzig.

Here, the idea is to give young filmmakers and creative minds the chance to develop new ideas and formats for classical TV, but above all for social media and streaming providers.

Yellow Table Media