Corona Diaries

A film by Elke Sasse a.o., 43 / 60 / 73 min, Arte/RBB/DW 2020

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What do people do when nothing works anymore? What do we do with our fears, uncertainties, boredom and the dissatisfaction during lockdown? The “Corona Diaries” by filmmaker Elke Sasse are a global video diary about life with the pandemic. People from different countries document their lives with their cell phone camera: The nurse at the corona ICU in Spain, the virus researcher in France, the lecturer in China, the construction worker in India, the bicycle courier from New York and many others.

“Corona Diaries” is a touching piece of contemporary history that connects us to people around the world in these difficult times – in our fears of becoming infected, losing our jobs and our existence. But at the same time, we experience a new way of working together, with solidarity and ingenuity.

Length:                               60 minutes
Director:                             Elke Sasse et. al.
Produced by:                     Berlin Producers Media, commissioned by RBB, in cooperation with DW Deutsche Welle and ARTE
Editors-in-Chief:               Dagmar Mielke (RBB/ARTE), Ute Beutler (RBB), Hanne Kehrwald, Frauke Sandig (DW)


Corona Diaries Online

“Corona Diaries” is a crossmedia project consisting of online content produced exclusively for ARTE and DW’s online pages and social media as well as the 60-minute film broadcast this week. The social videos made for the project can be found here:

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DW Documentary’s YouTube channel (in English)
DW Documentary’s Instagram (in English)
DW Documental (in Spanish)
DW Documentary Arabic (in Arabic)