Sound of Freedom

A film by Ulrike Neubecker, Bernard Wedig and Chrysanthi Goula 2 x 52 min., arte 2019

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The two-part documentary “Sound of Freedom” goes back to the roots of the music of hope and rebellion, and to the sounds that have inspired unconventional thinkers and the oppressed. From “La Marseillaise” to “Bella Ciao” to “We Shall Overcome”, “I Will Survive” and “Wind of Change”. Spanning Jimi Hendrix to Serge Gainsbourg, all the way to Pussy Riot. With the international super-hits of freedom, the films take us from the 18th century to the present day – from Billy Holiday to Nina Simone, Beyoncé and numerous others.

Some songs have changed the course of history, others are iconic tunes that are today inseparably entwined with a historical event. Music touches people and offers consolation and inspiration like no other medium. Since at least the French Revolution, social upheavals and political songs have been closely connected. Music is a tool for mobilisation, it is the embodiment of hope and the utopia of a better life. It provides solidarity to the oppressed, rouses resistance movements and emboldens revolutionaries.