Wo ist die Mauer? / Where is the Wall?

Format: HD, 16:9. Length: 87 min. Ein Film von Stefan Pannen und Elke Sasse.

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Autumn 2009 will mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. While still a powerful presence in the minds of older generations, it is simply past history for young people and visitors to Berlin today. And it is tough to find any traces left on the cityscape.

The “Where is the Wall?” documentary focuses on Japanese photographer Takahisa Matsuura’s search for any and all that remains of the Berlin Wall. He studied in Berlin during the 1980s and took over 2,000 photos of the wall. Now he is engaged in a struggle to reconstruct where it once stood. Driven by the simple desire to see any bits of the Berlin Wall that still exist, he begins at Brandenburg Gate and tours what used to be a strip of no-man’s land between the two Germanys.

in co-production with:
WDR, United Docs

in co-operation with:
ARTE, ETB, Télé Québe,
TV3, Odisea, YLE

funded by
Bundesstiftung zur
Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur,

Format: HD, 16:9
Length: 87 min.
Ein Film von Stefan Pannen und Elke Sasse