WDR, HD, 43 min. Autoren: Adamna Adim, Eva Gruen, Edgar Wolf

Ein Film von Adamna Adim, Eva Gruen und Edgar Wolf. 43 min., WDR 2010

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Slave labour in Dubai. The documentary casts light on everyday life in the dazzling glitter and glamour of Dubai and reveals the two-faced brutality and the socially accepted abuse of power that much of its domestic life is based on.

The film describes the fates of young Ethiopian girls before and after their work spells in Dubai. It shows how human traffickers recruit their victims and spirit them away to their foreign destinations, and it accompanies these young women on their progress from the crippling poverty at home to the affluence of the Gulf states. Its central subjects are their dream of a better life, the hopeless dilemma these young women are caught up in and the perpetual violation of human rights.