The World of Bridges

Various authors, 5 x 52 min., in co-operation with ARTE, co-production with Agent Double (Belgium), LIC (China), PIC Film (Switzerland)

Bridges connect people, continents and ideas. They can geaving meaning and an identity to places, to cultures or to people. Often, they were designed and built by master-builders – from stone, wood or steel.

The documentary series “The World of Bridges” portrays bridges from all over the world and shows their history as well as the stories taking place on and around them.
It combines captivating images from various countries and continents with fascinating stories.

Each episode combines two bridges, often on opposite sides of the globe, that have something in common, be it their construction type, their purpose or their type of use. The episodes and broadcasting times:

25.03., 5:50 pm – Ancient Bridges
25.03., 6:30 pm – Bridges of Trade
26.03., 5:50 pm – Bridges of Steel
26.03., 6:30 pm – High above the Valley
27.03., 5:40 pm – Train Bridges

„The World of Bridges“ is produced by Berlin Producers Media in co-operation with ARTE and co-produced by Agent Double (Belgium), LIC (China) and PIC Film (Switzerland).

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